List of Publications

No Title Journal Vol. Year National/
ISSN/ ISBN Impact Factor
Sharon Lee Jose
1. Science of Digital marketing: A survey on online shopping usage among college students within Trichy corporation limit International Journal for exclusive Management Research Special Issue February 2015 2015 International ISSN No 2249-8672 5.76
Tony C. Mathew
2 ‘A Study on the customers’ awareness on green banking initiatives by public sector and private sector banks with special reference to Thrissur Dist. Finnova’15, published by PG dept.of Commerce and Managament Studies,NSS College Nen mmara.   2015 National ISBN 978-93-85105-19-7  
Jerry Johny
3 Green Banking Initiatives, cost or profit for banks: A Study on the financial impact of green banking initiatives on both public sector and private sector banks” Finnova’15,published by PG Dept. Of Commerce and Management Studies, NSS College Nenmmara   2015 National ISBN 978-93-85105-19-7