Minor / Major Projects

Name of the Faculty Project Amount Sanctioned Period Funding Agency
Bibin Joseph Survival of Love and Suffocation of Life in “Bogs” of Culture: “ Women in Love” in the novels of P.Padmarajan 80000 2014-15 UGC
Dr. Sanil Raj UGC-Major Research Project: The Unheard Muses: A Glance through the Less Known Post-Modern American Poetic Movements”.   2012-14 UGC
Dr. C.S. Biju i)Major Research Project on Puppetry 916000 2012 UGC
(ii)Major research project on Theaters of South Asian Diaspora 868000 2008
Dr Davees C J Portuguese Tourist Map of Kerala 1,50,000 2011-13 UGC
Mr. Andrews Joseph UGC-Minor Research Project: Puppetry in Pedagogy: Towards a Radical Educational Practice 97000 2011-12 UGC
Dr. Anto Thomas C. Alice in Wonderland- Back Translation Project 791000 2011-15 Lewis Carroll Society of North America
Dr. Anto Thomas C. Collection and Documentation of Lullabies in India 7,91,000 2010-12 UGC
Dr. Anto Thomas C. Indian Project Leader, UGC/ DAAD Postdoctoral Project   2009 UGC
Dr. C S Biju Innovative Programme in Teaching and Research in Visual Media 48,00,000 2008-2013 UGC