Dr. Jinish Antony M, M.Sc., Ph.D.

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Address: Menachery H, Amala Nagar
Kerala- 680 555, INDIA
  • M Sc Chemistry, St: Thomas college, Thrissur, University of Calicut-2004
  • Ph. D chemistry, NIIST Trivandrum, University of Kerala 2011
Thesis "Self-organization Approach for Conducting Polypyrrole and Their Copolymer Nanomaterials". Thesis Supervisor Dr. M Jayakannan, Associate Professor IISER-Pune
Honors Received
  • UGC-JRF & SRF Fellowship in Chemical sciences   (2006-2011)
  • GATE Score 487 with all India rank 83 in Chemistry - 2006
Research Papers
  1. Jinish Antony, M.; Jayakannan, M. Role of Anionic Micellar Template on the Morphology, Solid state ordering and Unusual Non-linear Conductivity of Polyaniline co- Polypyrrole Nanomaterials J. Phys. Chem. B2011115 ,6427-6436.
  2. Jinish Antony, M.; Jayakannan, M. Polyaniline Nano-scaffolds for Colorimetric Sensing of Biomolecules via Electron Transfer Process Langmuir 2011, 27, 6268-6278.
  3. Jinish Antony, M,; Jayakannan, M. Molecular Template Approach for Evolution of Conducting Polymer Nanostructures: Tracing the Role of Morphology on Conductivity and Solid State Ordering. J. Phys. Chem. B2010, 114, 1314-1324.
  4. Jinish Antony, M.; Jayakannan, M. Self-assembled Anionic Micelle Template for Polypyrrole, Polyaniline and Their Random Copolymers. J. Polym. Sci Polym. Phys. 200947, 830- 845. 
  5. Jinish Antony, M,; Jayakannan, M. Amphiphilic Azobenzenesulfonicacid Anionic Surfactant for Water-Soluble, Ordered, Luminescent Polypyrrole Nanospheres. J. Phys. Chem. B2007111, 12772- 12780.
Posters presented in International Conferences
  1. Jinish Antony, M; Jayakannan, M. Self-assembly Approach for Evolution Conducting Co-Polymer Nanostructures, ICMST, Trivandrum, India, Oct 29-31, 2010.
  2. Jinish Antony, M; Anilkumar, P; Jayakannan, M. Renewable Resource Approach for Conducting Polymer Nanomaterials, MACRO 2009, Chennai, India, Mar 9-11, 2009.
  3. Jinish Antony, M; Jayakannan, M. Functionalized Azobenzene Surfactant Mediated Synthesis of Polypyrrole Nano-spheres, ICAMC-2007, Thiruvananthapuram, India, Oct. 24-26, 2007.
  4. Jinish Antony, M; Jayakannan, M. Synthesis and Size Control of Polypyrrole Nanospheres, IUMRS-ICAM 2007, Bangalore, India. Oct 8-13. 2007.
Oral presented in Conferences Jinish Antony, M; Jayakannan, M, Polyaniline Nano-aggreagtes for Colorimetric Sensing of Biomolecules, MACRO-2010, IIT-Delhi, India, Dec 15-17, 2010.